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Jun 062013

PV-Sharks-IntroWe recently developed a fun site for our favorite contractor, E. B Morris General Contractors ( The site is a series of slide shows from a collection of photos from the basketball  games. The site show what can be done with ‘just’ images. There is virtually no text used on the site except to identify the various games. Visitors are able to copy any images to their computer using their browser’s right click option (and then selecting ‘save image as’). This site is an example of ‘having fun on the web’ with no intention of developing a serious site.

Mar 082013

March 8, 2013
Prospectus is proud to collaborate with the professionals at SearchAmelia to complete the Amelia Bites ( web-site. Amelia Bites is a restaurant review site for the Amelia Island and Yulee area. The site uses a large database of restaurants and specialized information. However, the primary feature is an extensive database of reviews and comments that have been collected for years. All the restaurants are customer rated and the site shows results for the top-ten for each category. An extended list of categories lets visitors see the top-ten favorites by cuisine, location, casual vs. fine dining, liquor options, outdoor seating, fast food, etc. The site also includes an interactive Google map for each restaurant to aid tourists to find each establishment.

Hover to Enlarge Home Page Screen Shot
The MySQL database had to be ported from another site to a brad new site while preserving the specialized links and years of customer ratings. The new site was developed with a new look & feel and the addition of the list of categories. This web-site takes advantage of the searchable MySQL database abilities of WordPress and offers the visitors an easy to use interface.

Could your site benefit from customer reviews and ratings? We can build (or rebuild) your site to a modern WordPress site and add customer driven reviews, just contact us here.

‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active

Mar 052013

Prospectus just completed the second iteration of the Group4 Autosport web-site with an enhanced focus for their specialized products. Group4 makes performance aerodynamic parts for the Mini-Coopers. As race aficionados they have learned how to make their cars work with the air they are moving trough. By splitting and channeling air around the Minis, they create impressive performance gains without having to increase engine horsepower. Group4 offer an affordable, do-it-yourself upgrade for the Minis and they give them that customized racecar look.

For those of you familiar with the Prospectus process, after the ‘demo site’ is up and running there are several iterations of design, review, critique and redesign. The second iteration is usually more complete and focused than the demo site. This site is no exception; Group4’s redesigned site is very focused on their specialized products.

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Feb 192013

February 2, 2013

Prospectus completes the first website for Found Forest which offers one of the last large building lots in Ponte Vedra, Florida. Located in the exclusive Marsh Landing Country Club, this lot is a large corner lot in the Found Forest enclave. Several custom design for completed homes are offered by E.B. MOrris General Contractors. We developed custom header featuring the three designs. The three designs are: The Tillandsia, The Swansea and The Grove and separate pages were created for each design. The pages featured full architectural plans. (

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Found Forest Website Front Page

< This site was extensively redesigned in 2015 and the website was URL was changed to as depicted on the right. A color rendering was created and is featured on the website home page. The look and feel of the original website is shown in the image above.

‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active

Feb 192013

Prospectus recently completed the initial development of a new Web-site for Hammond Hicks, accountants in Charleston, South Carolina. “We need to explain that our approach is to look at the tax structure of the whole client; the individual and their family, family trust and business relationship.” Marty Hicks described. The message is incorporated into the a unique header with a changing message combined with a front page “mission statement.” The site also has interesting tax issues described in their ‘Cup of Joe’ articles. When they opened their Tax Café’ to create an ‘do your own taxes with our professional advice (and software)’ it was added to the front page of the site. Check them out here

Feb 192013

Prospectus is proud to launch a new web-site for Charleston Narrative Tours ( CNT will compete in the highly cutthroat tour business in Charleston, SC with a completely different web-site style. The web-site has been designed to impart an ‘old world photography’ look by using sepia styled photographs reminiscent of the early days of photography. Jim Chavers, the site owners, is a master historian with several fascinating stories about Charles Towne’s history. The site uses the old photos & captions to entice viewers to tap on story headlines while revealing just a few details of the tours. The web-site uses ‘old scrolls’ against a parchment paper background. Combining the exclusive use of sepia toned photos rounds-out the theme. The front page has been style to recognize ‘smart phones’ and adjust the display to match. The site visitors are expected to access the site while on vacation using their smart phones to search for things to do. The entire site has been optimized for smart phone technology while making sure the site display well on laptop and desktop computers.

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Oct 262011

Prospectus completed the initial web-site revamp for Windswept Sales and Service  Based in Mt. Pleasant SC, a suburb of Charleston, they provide custom logo, apparel, embroidery and specialty products to a large array of businesses.  We were able to completely upgrade their old web-site with a crisp new WordPress site complete with a new ‘dot-com’ URL.  The work was completed in less than a week using most of the graphics available from the old site.  Karen, the site’s proud new owner, is already trained in using the simple ‘posting’ platform in WordPress.  Originally the site had minimal exposure with Google (in fact is was hard to find if you knew the url).  It scored just a 13 on Hubspot’s website grader the new site immediately ranked at 53 on the web-site grader (how well does your site rank? Check it out  This rating should steadily increase with ‘fresh relevant content,’ new keywords and constant SEO work.  See our ‘What Google’s Panda algorithm means for your web-site‘  and what these site improvements will do for their Google page rankings.  If you have a stale web-site that needs an upgrade, please contact us and you can be a proud web-site owner too.

Oct 012011

Prospectus is putting the finishing touches on a new social network site called  The site is designed for the alumni of Riverside Military Academy based in Gainesville Ga.  The name comes from the non-endearing name given the students by the local “town boys” – ‘river rats’ or more commonly just ‘rats’.  Many of the active alumni attended school during the Vietnam War, a time when short-haired young men in uniforms were not welcome, hence the derogatory name.  It didn’t help that the local “town girls” also love a man in uniform. At a recent homecoming it was decided that it would be better to preserve some of the stories frequently tossed around the bar.  The site is designed to allow all rats to register an account.  After receiving a confirming e-mail, they can contribute stories, upload photos & videos, and comment on existing stories in a manner very similar to facebook.  This type of site is ideal for clubs, homeowner associations and other groups that want to keep an active dialogue.  Please contact us if you or your club or organization could benefit from your own ‘social media’ web-site.

Sep 292011

Prospectus launches web-site for Delightful Hoops, LLC based in Jacksonville, Fl. They provide hula-hoops with embedded LEDs and batteries that change colors and flash in various sequences. The web-site is an on-line store where their customers can select these custom crafted hula-hoops. These products appeal to a niche  of young adults, especially young women, who attend concerts like burning man & Wanee Festival. Their web-site also links to their facebook page which especially reaches the younger audiences. Prospectus developed both the web-site and the facebook page with custom graphics and launched both simultaneously. The facebook page is completely integrated with their web-site and post to their web-site are automatically posted to their page. There are some great photos on the facebook page showing the tantalizing visual effects of viewing twenty-eight Dragonfly Style LEDs, on their Rhythms’ Rainbow Hoop, in motion on a dark night. If you have a product you would like to sell on-line please read our Are you held-hostage by your web-designer?  or contact Prospectus Web Development and see quickly and afford-ably  you can be on-line. We are wishing great things for delightfulhoops and hear rumors that they are working on a new more advanced product.

Sep 152011

We all know the benefits of keeping fresh content on our web-sites (if you don’t, read our What Google’s Panda algorithm means to your web-site) but a lot of business people today are just too busy running their business to keep-up with web-site blogging.  Prospectus offers a monthly service designed to update your site and help move it up in Google’s (and Bing, Yahoo!, Ask, Technorati) page ranking.  You simply supply the source information (outline, key details, photos, testimonials) and we will generate posts (articles) we publish on your web-site.  We also  make certain ‘keywords,’ descriptions and titles are properly set-up.  This service includes an SEO (search engine optimization) plan with monthly reports demonstrating your ranking for specific keywords.  Each month we report how your site ranks for up to 8 keywords and adjust the keywords for the next month. We also include a minimum number of facebook ‘likes’ and Google Plus+1s each month.  All of this is designed to move up your page rankings while you concentrate on your business.  Our price depends on how many articles you want each month, so please contact Prospectus now to see the details of our limited time offer at contact-us.

Sep 012011

Are you stuck with an old ‘static’ web-site you would like to upgrade?  Prospectus can change your site into a modern, crisp WordPress site in no time. Using your existing graphics, photographs and page hierarchy your new site can be quickly updated.  Your new WordPress site lets you update it with new testimonials, before & after photographs and recent success stories.  You don’t have to be held hostage by your web designer or pay anyone to keep your site’s content fresh.  We also create a facebook page and synchronize your web-site to automatically upload posts to your page.  (If you already have a facebook page we will set-up the synchronization.)  We can upgrade your graphics in-house to coordinate the look of your web-site and facebook pages.  We also design your web-site to easily interface with mobile devices.  Thirty-five (35%) of Americans have smart phones and 7% of all web searches are from mobile devices; if your site was developed more than a couple of years ago, it is probably unfriendly to mobile devices.  There are a lot of other features automatically included in all of our web-sites, you can see additional details at ‘What we do‘.  You can be completely upgraded in no time and pay us over time!  That’s right, we’ll fix your site now and let you pay us over several months … contact Prospectus now to catch all the details of our limited time offer at contact-us.

Aug 312011

Following on the heels of Goggle’s “caffeine” update last year, the Panda update (aka Farmer Update) again revised the search-ranking algorithm to give more weight to fresh, relevant content.  The intent is pure – provide the user with high quality, relevant content in a top down order.  Sites offering stale, low quality or non-original content will fall dramatically in search rankings.  Actually this is good news to web users; when you search you will be more likely to find the relevant information you are seeking without opening too many pages.

This certainly challenges the notion of your old web-site as an “on-line brochure.”  Static information is very likely to be pushed down the rankings as fresh information comes on-line.  The sites that update frequently and consistently will gain in rankings by offering fresh content. Continue reading »

Aug 072011

From the standpoint of the Google, Ask or Bing “bots” that patrol the web looking for new web-sites information to index, they don’t know the difference between WordPress, HTML or PHP coding. They all look the same to a “software program” that seeks information on the web.  What they do look for, especially Google, is “current content. ” Is the site offering new relevant content for their web customers to read?  After all their job is to quickly provide you with the information you are seeking. The beauty of WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) is that it is built on a “blogging” platform.  Writing a blog is so ingrained that the user is encouraged to write stories.  Stories are the very definition of  “current, relevant content” and exactly what the customer is looking for. In an effort to deliver what their customers are searching for, it is exactly why Google will rank the page higher than static web-sites.

A WordPress store builds on the blogging foundation making each product the store offers an individual “post” (story).  Not only does it provide the opportunity to publish the story to a host of on-line publications, it also offers an opportunity to use unique key-words  for each product.  Lot’s of  “custom coded stores” offer similar features, they just don’t make it as easy or as fundamental to the management of the store.   Writing a blog for every product keeps current, relevant content posted at the store and helps the “bots” keep the stores page ranking  naturally higher.

If you have a product you would like to sell on-line, contact us and see how affordable an on-line store can be!

Mar 182011

Over the years we developed web-sites using programmers & web-designers. The results were seldom what we really wanted and it seemed that there was always another charge to get it the way we originally wanted. Then the search engines, especially Google, started adjusting their algorithms to weed out stale content. The death of the static on-line brochure we have all come to know, became obvious. Just as clear; the cost of good web programmers prohibits constantly changing a site to stay relevant. With the search engines constantly striving to offer their users the fresh content they are seeking, we started developing WordPress web-sites that the end-user can easily update. There are several platforms that feature “user updates” but none of them are as intuitive as WordPress. On top of that, WordPress offers an excellent Content Management System. High quality, ‘visually appealing’ sites can be created and turned over to the user offering an easy interface to keep fresh, relevant content flowing. Check-out some of the sites, just click on the slide show on the right or see our ‘portfolio page’ here. If you need a new web-site, need to upgrade an exiting site or have a great product you want to market (or just curious what site would cost), please contact us or call at (904) 491-7600. We really love what we do and will work hard to earn your business and endorsement. One of the great joys in life is the excitement when someone sees their idea brought to life on the web. Let’s build some excitement today!