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Monthly “no strings” website plan

What you’ll get

custom designed, professional web-site

All sites are created in WordPress – today’s most popular website platform. Popular because it make it very easy for the end user to update and make small changes to the website. Writing stories/blogs and posting photos is easy and key to bringing traffic to your site. Our team will make the complex pages leaving you to concentrate on the posting fresh content on the site.

consistent rendering on all browsers

Our pages are developed with HTML & CSS to be certain they will render consistently on all major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Android, iPhone/iPad). After the pages are developed with HTML, we use WordPress to provide you with the ability to post content and for its advanced security features. You get a “high-end look” on a “safe site” that you can grow with your content.

responsive design

Our sites are fully responsive and will display properly on all devices from smartphone to tablets and widescreen TVs. In 2015 mobile traffic exceeded computer & laptop traffic. Today’s sites have to be functional on all devices. Is your site responsive? Here’s a test: grab the right border of your browser and pull it to the left – keep squeezing the site. How thin can you make before to fails to properly display the content? Try it on this page.

unique graphics header

Using your logo we will develop custom page header to help establishes your on-line identity. If you need a custom logo, we’ll help create it.

search engine optimized

Keywords are inserted on every page, every post, every graphic image and for the overall site. The search engines will find you! We teach you the same skills to maintain your site.

What we need

images & graphics

The web is a visual environment and images and graphics are needed to create a solid website. We need images and lots of them so we can sort through them, crop them & optimize them. If you have a product we need product shots shot on a green screen (any solid color background. Images should be uploaded in the largest size possible in any format (jpg, tiff & png are preferred).

your content

The message, pitch or story in a well written style. A well designed site will consist of several pages and we need the content for each of the pages. At minimum there will be a front or landing page, an ‘about us’ and a ‘contact us’ page with a link to your email. If you have ‘writers block’ we have content developers available.

What will it cost?

$100 per month

We will create, develop & host your website on our server for $100 per month.
The plan starts with your payment of $300 which covers your first 3-months hosting. On recipient of the funds & information above, our team will start creating your custom site. The monthly hosting start as soon as you approve the website. Three months after the site is ‘live’ you will make monthly payments of $100. The site will be hosted as long as your account is in good standing and you can access your site from anywhere to add new posts, images and stories.

What’s the catch?


There are no hidden ‘catches’ to our plan.
This is intended for ‘brochure’ websites however we can also develop small e-commerce sites for the same rate.


Let’s have a conversation. Use our contact page (here) and initiate contact. We would like to talk with you about your site and your long-term goals. We can learn much more in a phone call helping to deliver the site you are envisioning. Our goal to provide a long-term support solution for people who want to grow their business. Therefore, we have to “mesh” – we reserve the right to refuse this services to anyone.

If you can dream it – we’ll create it!

Some Example Brochure Websites