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Sep 292011

Prospectus launches web-site for Delightful Hoops, LLC based in Jacksonville, Fl. They provide hula-hoops with embedded LEDs and batteries that change colors and flash in various sequences. The web-site is an on-line store where their customers can select these custom crafted hula-hoops. These products appeal to a niche  of young adults, especially young women, who attend concerts like burning man & Wanee Festival. Their web-site also links to their facebook page which especially reaches the younger audiences. Prospectus developed both the web-site and the facebook page with custom graphics and launched both simultaneously. The facebook page is completely integrated with their web-site and post to their web-site are automatically posted to their page. There are some great photos on the facebook page showing the tantalizing visual effects of viewing twenty-eight Dragonfly Style LEDs, on their Rhythms’ Rainbow Hoop, in motion on a dark night. If you have a product you would like to sell on-line please read our Are you held-hostage by your web-designer?  or contact Prospectus Web Development and see quickly and afford-ably  you can be on-line. We are wishing great things for delightfulhoops and hear rumors that they are working on a new more advanced product.

Aug 162011

Tired of being “held hostage” by your web-designer?  Have a great product you would like to sell on-line but don’t want to pay exorbitant web-site development fees or monthly license fees?  We build custom crafted web-sites that you can easily maintain.  Built on the WordPress platform, all sites are as easy to maintain as “writing a story.”  The fact that Google likes the WordPress platform means your site is likely to rise in search-engine ranking, bringing a steady flow of customers to your site.  The site is an example of our on-line store. You can have an unlimited number of products, each of them ‘featured’ in the front page slider box.  Each product can have six individual photos (colors, front/back, close-ups, etc.) and two types of  ‘check out’ variations (size, color, quality/materials, etc.) and different shipping costs. The site has a lot of movement; the ‘slider box’ rotates through all the products and when the viewer clicks on a product, it moves to the ‘slider box’ and rotates through the six product photos. (see for yourself  If you have an idea that you think will sell on-line, contact us and see how affordable our on-line store can be.

Aug 072011

From the standpoint of the Google, Ask or Bing “bots” that patrol the web looking for new web-sites information to index, they don’t know the difference between WordPress, HTML or PHP coding. They all look the same to a “software program” that seeks information on the web.  What they do look for, especially Google, is “current content. ” Is the site offering new relevant content for their web customers to read?  After all their job is to quickly provide you with the information you are seeking. The beauty of WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) is that it is built on a “blogging” platform.  Writing a blog is so ingrained that the user is encouraged to write stories.  Stories are the very definition of  “current, relevant content” and exactly what the customer is looking for. In an effort to deliver what their customers are searching for, it is exactly why Google will rank the page higher than static web-sites.

A WordPress store builds on the blogging foundation making each product the store offers an individual “post” (story).  Not only does it provide the opportunity to publish the story to a host of on-line publications, it also offers an opportunity to use unique key-words  for each product.  Lot’s of  “custom coded stores” offer similar features, they just don’t make it as easy or as fundamental to the management of the store.   Writing a blog for every product keeps current, relevant content posted at the store and helps the “bots” keep the stores page ranking  naturally higher.

If you have a product you would like to sell on-line, contact us and see how affordable an on-line store can be!