Prospectus Web Facebook Link
Oct 012011

Prospectus is putting the finishing touches on a new social network site called  The site is designed for the alumni of Riverside Military Academy based in Gainesville Ga.  The name comes from the non-endearing name given the students by the local “town boys” – ‘river rats’ or more commonly just ‘rats’.  Many of the active alumni attended school during the Vietnam War, a time when short-haired young men in uniforms were not welcome, hence the derogatory name.  It didn’t help that the local “town girls” also love a man in uniform. At a recent homecoming it was decided that it would be better to preserve some of the stories frequently tossed around the bar.  The site is designed to allow all rats to register an account.  After receiving a confirming e-mail, they can contribute stories, upload photos & videos, and comment on existing stories in a manner very similar to facebook.  This type of site is ideal for clubs, homeowner associations and other groups that want to keep an active dialogue.  Please contact us if you or your club or organization could benefit from your own ‘social media’ web-site.