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Sep 302016

Here is another landing page correlating with a press release in Charleston’s Post & Courier featuring our client, Insulsteel. The story will be featured in Saturday’s (Oct. 1, 2016) Real Estate supplement announcing that Insulsteel was awarded “2016 Housing Innovation Award” from the US Department of Energy. Using their patented EcoShell technology, Insulsteel builds fortress like homes that have annual energy bills of just $150 to $300! Read the story (right) to learn more.

Prospectus published the story on Thursday to give the search engines ample time to index the content and keywords. By publishing before the Post & Courier publishes their on-line edition, from an SEO perspective, Insulsteel will own the content. (Learn more about the importance of ‘the first to publish’ at: Understanding SE Indexing to Maximize Advertising Reach and Insulsteel Advertising Landing Page.)

Our client has a unique dilemma: they are transitioning through both a name change and a new website URL. The company’s original name was Amerisips (( and the new company is Insulsteel ( As these site show, the companies are legally entwined however the websites are not. Prospectus provided a lot of the website development work for the original Amerisips site. The Insulsteel site was primarily developed by an in-house marketing director who has since been replaced. The Insulsteell site is in the process of a badly needed facelift by the new marketing director Brandi Bowen. Knowing her skills and seeing a peek at what she is developing, the new site will be awesome.

Our dilemma is that all of the great content is published on the Amerisips site. The Insulsteel site is almost completely devoid of useful content. As the successor site, Insulsteel will republish most of the content from the Amerisips site. However, the facelift and content republishing will take several months to complete. In the meantime they continue to have great press as they win awards and build incredible new homes.

Our goal is to guide the visitors to the meaningful content that is already published on the Insulsteel site. The ‘left sidebar text’ is designed to provide links to useful content. This is a clever way to publish the content while making the landing page something more than just a re-posting of the same article they have (presumably) already read. The articles’ footer will display the landing page URL so the visitors to the landing page will have typed the URL into their browser. Tracking cookies will give us an exact count of visitors that initiated their time on the website from the landing page.

Anyone using print advertising and press releases can make use of specialized landing pages to extend their advertising reach. You just need to get ahead of the print publisher’s on-line editions to gain the SEO ownership of the content. It will also help readers who use search engines to find the the content vs. typing the URL into their browser bar.

You can visit the landing page here and learn more about Insulsteel’s amazing products.
‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active

Aug 212012

Dynamic websites change whenever new information is posted; a distinct advantage for the WordPress platform. With Goggle’s Penguin and Panda updates, sites that don’t offer fresh content lose search rankings compared to sites that are frequently updated. The real advantage for WordPress websites is the end-user can post new stories with minimal technical know-how. If you can use a word processor you can add fresh content. In the post Panda world, dynamic websites will constantly gain search rank position if the end-user diligently adds new stories. The life of the ‘static online brochure’ is essentially dead. A modern site is linked to a business facebook page, allowing visitors to seamlessly see what the customers are saying. This builds confidence, helping to encourage a purchase.

This flow-chart shows the typical interactions of a website developed by Prospectus. There are still ‘static pages’ however, they also show static information like: about us, find us, company mission, what we do. All the other parts of the site change as the end-user keeps fresh relevant content posted to their site. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us here.

Sep 152011

We all know the benefits of keeping fresh content on our web-sites (if you don’t, read our What Google’s Panda algorithm means to your web-site) but a lot of business people today are just too busy running their business to keep-up with web-site blogging.  Prospectus offers a monthly service designed to update your site and help move it up in Google’s (and Bing, Yahoo!, Ask, Technorati) page ranking.  You simply supply the source information (outline, key details, photos, testimonials) and we will generate posts (articles) we publish on your web-site.  We also  make certain ‘keywords,’ descriptions and titles are properly set-up.  This service includes an SEO (search engine optimization) plan with monthly reports demonstrating your ranking for specific keywords.  Each month we report how your site ranks for up to 8 keywords and adjust the keywords for the next month. We also include a minimum number of facebook ‘likes’ and Google Plus+1s each month.  All of this is designed to move up your page rankings while you concentrate on your business.  Our price depends on how many articles you want each month, so please contact Prospectus now to see the details of our limited time offer at contact-us.

Aug 312011

Following on the heels of Goggle’s “caffeine” update last year, the Panda update (aka Farmer Update) again revised the search-ranking algorithm to give more weight to fresh, relevant content.  The intent is pure – provide the user with high quality, relevant content in a top down order.  Sites offering stale, low quality or non-original content will fall dramatically in search rankings.  Actually this is good news to web users; when you search you will be more likely to find the relevant information you are seeking without opening too many pages.

This certainly challenges the notion of your old web-site as an “on-line brochure.”  Static information is very likely to be pushed down the rankings as fresh information comes on-line.  The sites that update frequently and consistently will gain in rankings by offering fresh content. Continue reading »

Aug 072011

From the standpoint of the Google, Ask or Bing “bots” that patrol the web looking for new web-sites information to index, they don’t know the difference between WordPress, HTML or PHP coding. They all look the same to a “software program” that seeks information on the web.  What they do look for, especially Google, is “current content. ” Is the site offering new relevant content for their web customers to read?  After all their job is to quickly provide you with the information you are seeking. The beauty of WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) is that it is built on a “blogging” platform.  Writing a blog is so ingrained that the user is encouraged to write stories.  Stories are the very definition of  “current, relevant content” and exactly what the customer is looking for. In an effort to deliver what their customers are searching for, it is exactly why Google will rank the page higher than static web-sites.

A WordPress store builds on the blogging foundation making each product the store offers an individual “post” (story).  Not only does it provide the opportunity to publish the story to a host of on-line publications, it also offers an opportunity to use unique key-words  for each product.  Lot’s of  “custom coded stores” offer similar features, they just don’t make it as easy or as fundamental to the management of the store.   Writing a blog for every product keeps current, relevant content posted at the store and helps the “bots” keep the stores page ranking  naturally higher.

If you have a product you would like to sell on-line, contact us and see how affordable an on-line store can be!