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Aug 242016

New Landing/Home Page for WindsweptSales went live on August 23, 2016. Windswept sells promotional products in the Charleston SC area. The new landing page offers a better focus on what they really do. The header slider displays some of the key promotional products clients want: shirts, coffee cups, hats, caps, koosies, etc. The new page also gets all of the key information on the home page. It essentially combines the ‘About us’ page and the ‘Contact us’ page into a more simplified page. The new menu takes advantage of the WordPress ‘posting system’ making it easy for Karen to place new promotional examples on the relevant page by just selecting the correct category. We achieved our real goal of simplifying the how our client can easily update their website.
Snapshot of the Home/Landing Page
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Windsweptsales New Home Page 2016-08-24
As with all of our sites, the site is completely responsive and will display correctly on any device. You can see the site here. Their are additional improvements underway … stay tuned for more details.
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Aug 152016

New website for EB Morris GC (General Contractors) went live on August 15, 2016. The site features a slider of high quality image of some of their work. Their work is impressive! EB Morris GC specializes in commercial projects and home remodeling. They have established a reputation for Condo conversions in south and central Florida. Checkout their Facebook page for stunning photos of recent work.
Snapshot of the Home Page

EB Morris GC Home Page
Like so many of our customers, their old website was not user friendly. Requesting changes, even simple changes like a new address, seemed to take many requests to achieve. They were always accompanied by a invoice. The new site is built with WordPress and can be easily changed.

Their are additional improvements underway … the website will be central to a new marketing effort. Sty tuned for more details.
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Aug 122016

Amelia Massage Associates was completed in late July and published in early August. We helped Michael & Nancy secure a new inexpensive VPS hosting platform. Their old site ‘’ was redirected to the new site.

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The giraffe is central to their theme ‘We do necks’ and incorporated into their logo. We developed a new high-quality logo to match their new site. The page background is a heard of giraffe running across the sandy desert. The light beige background define the new color scheme for the site. The site plays with levels of opacity. Nancy wanted to have their menu of services displayed on the site. We suggested it could make an excellent landing page (aka Home page). To keep the text form being too boring, we created partially transparent, colored boxes to enclose and group the text describing their services.

Snapshot of the Home/Landing Page

Amelia Massage Associates home page
In 2015 they were honored to receive the Reader’s Choice, ‘Best of the Best’ massage associates from Amelia’s Newsleader. We just learned they were also selected to receive the 2016 award too. Congrats!

Jan 172016

Prospectus created a new Video Landing Page for the EABC Network (European American Business Club) seen here to the right. The video, posted to YouTube, offers no message and is overlaid with a dark screen to help focus on the ‘entry buttons” and summary text..

Our client had a hard time understanding why we developed a special landing page. “Why not just use the home page as the landing page?” “It is all about the stats.” A specialized landing page can help web developers differentiate between traffic that finds the site by ‘search’ vs. being directed to the site by links. The EABC uses Mailchimp announcements to invite its members to their meetings. That traffic is directed to When we study the traffic analytics, we can see the number of hits on the landing page and the number of hits on the ‘home’ page. We can assume that a large number of hits on the home page have been directed there by the link from the mailers, especially if the they did not come through the landing page. Likewise, we can assume that most of the hits on the landing page are from search engine traffic. The members have no use for the landing page, it is just an extra click to get to the details of the meeting announcements.

Snapshot of the Video Landing Page
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EABC Network Video Landing Page - ProspectusWeb
This granularity in the statistics provides some interesting insight. Analyzing six months of traffic, the home page received just 9% of the site’s traffic. Those users spent over 6 minuets on the site and visited 7.6 pages. The bounce rate was just 2.8%. You should also understand, staying on the page (ie. not clicking to another page) is considered a ‘bounce.” The meeting information is published on the home page.) In contrast, 30% of the traffic entered on the landing page and had a 40% bounce rate. (There are several member profiles and individual posts that also received a fair amount of landing traffic.)
Without the landing page, the statistics would be clouded yielding an average bounce rate. The question for our client: are the members effectively using the site. With the landing page data separated from analysis, they clearly are. Special landing pages are not for every site. In this case, the landing page help this small organization differentiate its member’s traffic from all traffic.

If you would like to visit the landing page click here or see the member’s home page click here.
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Jun 122013

June 6, 2013 Prospectus recently finished the initial website development for J. W. Shirtworks in Charleston SC. ( We secured the URL and created the first website for JW Shirtworks. They have offered silk-screening services for over 29-years to the Charleston South Carolina area. They also have a retail booth in the Charleston Marketplace where they retail colorful, custom graphic tee shirts. The website offers an on-line store to expand the sale of the tee shirts. Recently, they opened a division specializing in embroidery services rounding out the full range of professional apparel services. The website’s front-page features an on-line form to request customized apparel, which generated five inquires during the first week the site up.

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JW Shirtworks Home Page Screen ShotJW Shirtworks Home Page Screen Shot June 2013

This site was extensively redesigned in 2015 and the live mini-site on the right represents the new web-site design. The image above depicts the design of the site when originally launched in June 2013. The front landing page was a full page slider featuring their three primary services: embroidery (shown above), screen printing and custom graphic Tee-shirts. Once inside the site, three pages described each of the services.

If you could use a custom form for your business, use our contact us form to receive a no-obligation quote. If you are familiar with our iterative design process, you know there will be changes to this site – so bookmark us and check back often.

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Mar 082013

March 8, 2013
Prospectus is proud to collaborate with the professionals at SearchAmelia to complete the Amelia Bites ( web-site. Amelia Bites is a restaurant review site for the Amelia Island and Yulee area. The site uses a large database of restaurants and specialized information. However, the primary feature is an extensive database of reviews and comments that have been collected for years. All the restaurants are customer rated and the site shows results for the top-ten for each category. An extended list of categories lets visitors see the top-ten favorites by cuisine, location, casual vs. fine dining, liquor options, outdoor seating, fast food, etc. The site also includes an interactive Google map for each restaurant to aid tourists to find each establishment.

Hover to Enlarge Home Page Screen Shot
The MySQL database had to be ported from another site to a brad new site while preserving the specialized links and years of customer ratings. The new site was developed with a new look & feel and the addition of the list of categories. This web-site takes advantage of the searchable MySQL database abilities of WordPress and offers the visitors an easy to use interface.

Could your site benefit from customer reviews and ratings? We can build (or rebuild) your site to a modern WordPress site and add customer driven reviews, just contact us here.

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Mar 052013

Prospectus just completed the second iteration of the Group4 Autosport web-site with an enhanced focus for their specialized products. Group4 makes performance aerodynamic parts for the Mini-Coopers. As race aficionados they have learned how to make their cars work with the air they are moving trough. By splitting and channeling air around the Minis, they create impressive performance gains without having to increase engine horsepower. Group4 offer an affordable, do-it-yourself upgrade for the Minis and they give them that customized racecar look.

For those of you familiar with the Prospectus process, after the ‘demo site’ is up and running there are several iterations of design, review, critique and redesign. The second iteration is usually more complete and focused than the demo site. This site is no exception; Group4’s redesigned site is very focused on their specialized products.

Do you have a great idea or product? Let’s build a great site for you, contact us here.

Feb 192013

Prospectus recently completed the initial development of a new Web-site for Hammond Hicks, accountants in Charleston, South Carolina. “We need to explain that our approach is to look at the tax structure of the whole client; the individual and their family, family trust and business relationship.” Marty Hicks described. The message is incorporated into the a unique header with a changing message combined with a front page “mission statement.” The site also has interesting tax issues described in their ‘Cup of Joe’ articles. When they opened their Tax Café’ to create an ‘do your own taxes with our professional advice (and software)’ it was added to the front page of the site. Check them out here

Feb 192013

January 12, 2013 Prospectus completes the redesign for the Cat Inn Around website. CatInnAround is about the exploits of the 48-foot catamaran Cat Inn Around. The site uses a unique ‘sliding header navigation’ to access the first of five main pages. As the user hovers over the header image the sections slide – expand, clicking them opens the page. The image on the right is a fully functional miniaturized site, when hovering your mouse to see the sliding header. Notice the rotating background images. The site is on the “Ship’s Log” page (Home Page), if you scroll down to the site’s first post, Cat Inn Around Intro Video, and click the play button you can watch an engaging video showing her running off the Florida Keys.
Snapshot of the CatInnAround Home Page
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Cat Inn Around Home Page with Header Navigation

Check out a full sized version of the site here.

Creative Techniques & Options

  • Header Navigation
  • Rotating Background Images
  • Coordinated Color Theme
  • Video Production
  • Logo Design

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