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Aug 312015

This home page features a full screen background slideshow behind icons floating in semitransparent boxes. Each of the six boxes are menu items that lead to primary pages. Hovering over each box loads a description of the menu item. Moving your mouse over the ‘live mini site’ (right) displays the ‘hover description’ effect with the text overlay following the direction of the mouse movement. Access to the six primary pages is repeated in the traditional horizontal menu displayed at the top. This is a simple yet effective technique to create a home page that is, in essence, a full page menu with a colorful background slideshow.

The box backgrounds use a solid ‘white’ background with a 25% opacity to make them distinguishable and semitransparent. When hovering the background changes from a semitransparent white background to a dark grey background with 20% transparency (80% opaque) with the description content in 100% opaque white. We experimented with different levels of transparency & opacity before settling on the 25% & 80% values. You can visit the site here.

Prospectus LLC designs planned communities in the North Florida and South Georgia area. The designs are developed with AutoCAD, the leading computer aided design program in use today. The skill sets used to design a low impact community with AutoCAD are very similar to the skills needed to develop a website. Both rely on lots of creativity and a complete understanding of the technology to allow that creativity to shine. Understanding AutoCAD gives us a unique perspective to develop websites for professionals like builders, architects, surveyors and engineers.
‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active

Oct 262011

Prospectus completed the initial web-site revamp for Windswept Sales and Service  Based in Mt. Pleasant SC, a suburb of Charleston, they provide custom logo, apparel, embroidery and specialty products to a large array of businesses.  We were able to completely upgrade their old web-site with a crisp new WordPress site complete with a new ‘dot-com’ URL.  The work was completed in less than a week using most of the graphics available from the old site.  Karen, the site’s proud new owner, is already trained in using the simple ‘posting’ platform in WordPress.  Originally the site had minimal exposure with Google (in fact is was hard to find if you knew the url).  It scored just a 13 on Hubspot’s website grader the new site immediately ranked at 53 on the web-site grader (how well does your site rank? Check it out  This rating should steadily increase with ‘fresh relevant content,’ new keywords and constant SEO work.  See our ‘What Google’s Panda algorithm means for your web-site‘  and what these site improvements will do for their Google page rankings.  If you have a stale web-site that needs an upgrade, please contact us and you can be a proud web-site owner too.

Sep 012011

Are you stuck with an old ‘static’ web-site you would like to upgrade?  Prospectus can change your site into a modern, crisp WordPress site in no time. Using your existing graphics, photographs and page hierarchy your new site can be quickly updated.  Your new WordPress site lets you update it with new testimonials, before & after photographs and recent success stories.  You don’t have to be held hostage by your web designer or pay anyone to keep your site’s content fresh.  We also create a facebook page and synchronize your web-site to automatically upload posts to your page.  (If you already have a facebook page we will set-up the synchronization.)  We can upgrade your graphics in-house to coordinate the look of your web-site and facebook pages.  We also design your web-site to easily interface with mobile devices.  Thirty-five (35%) of Americans have smart phones and 7% of all web searches are from mobile devices; if your site was developed more than a couple of years ago, it is probably unfriendly to mobile devices.  There are a lot of other features automatically included in all of our web-sites, you can see additional details at ‘What we do‘.  You can be completely upgraded in no time and pay us over time!  That’s right, we’ll fix your site now and let you pay us over several months … contact Prospectus now to catch all the details of our limited time offer at contact-us.