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Jun 122013

June 6, 2013 Prospectus recently finished the initial website development for J. W. Shirtworks in Charleston SC. ( We secured the URL and created the first website for JW Shirtworks. They have offered silk-screening services for over 29-years to the Charleston South Carolina area. They also have a retail booth in the Charleston Marketplace where they retail colorful, custom graphic tee shirts. The website offers an on-line store to expand the sale of the tee shirts. Recently, they opened a division specializing in embroidery services rounding out the full range of professional apparel services. The website’s front-page features an on-line form to request customized apparel, which generated five inquires during the first week the site up.

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JW Shirtworks Home Page Screen ShotJW Shirtworks Home Page Screen Shot June 2013

This site was extensively redesigned in 2015 and the live mini-site on the right represents the new web-site design. The image above depicts the design of the site when originally launched in June 2013. The front landing page was a full page slider featuring their three primary services: embroidery (shown above), screen printing and custom graphic Tee-shirts. Once inside the site, three pages described each of the services.

If you could use a custom form for your business, use our contact us form to receive a no-obligation quote. If you are familiar with our iterative design process, you know there will be changes to this site – so bookmark us and check back often.

‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active

Jun 062013

PV-Sharks-IntroWe recently developed a fun site for our favorite contractor, E. B Morris General Contractors ( The site is a series of slide shows from a collection of photos from the basketball  games. The site show what can be done with ‘just’ images. There is virtually no text used on the site except to identify the various games. Visitors are able to copy any images to their computer using their browser’s right click option (and then selecting ‘save image as’). This site is an example of ‘having fun on the web’ with no intention of developing a serious site.

Feb 192013

Prospectus is proud to launch a new web-site for Charleston Narrative Tours ( CNT will compete in the highly cutthroat tour business in Charleston, SC with a completely different web-site style. The web-site has been designed to impart an ‘old world photography’ look by using sepia styled photographs reminiscent of the early days of photography. Jim Chavers, the site owners, is a master historian with several fascinating stories about Charles Towne’s history. The site uses the old photos & captions to entice viewers to tap on story headlines while revealing just a few details of the tours. The web-site uses ‘old scrolls’ against a parchment paper background. Combining the exclusive use of sepia toned photos rounds-out the theme. The front page has been style to recognize ‘smart phones’ and adjust the display to match. The site visitors are expected to access the site while on vacation using their smart phones to search for things to do. The entire site has been optimized for smart phone technology while making sure the site display well on laptop and desktop computers.

Does your web-site need a better focus for today’s smart phone users? Contact Prospectus Web Development (here) and let us show you how affordable a site renovation is.

Aug 212012

Dynamic websites change whenever new information is posted; a distinct advantage for the WordPress platform. With Goggle’s Penguin and Panda updates, sites that don’t offer fresh content lose search rankings compared to sites that are frequently updated. The real advantage for WordPress websites is the end-user can post new stories with minimal technical know-how. If you can use a word processor you can add fresh content. In the post Panda world, dynamic websites will constantly gain search rank position if the end-user diligently adds new stories. The life of the ‘static online brochure’ is essentially dead. A modern site is linked to a business facebook page, allowing visitors to seamlessly see what the customers are saying. This builds confidence, helping to encourage a purchase.

This flow-chart shows the typical interactions of a website developed by Prospectus. There are still ‘static pages’ however, they also show static information like: about us, find us, company mission, what we do. All the other parts of the site change as the end-user keeps fresh relevant content posted to their site. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us here.

Oct 262011

Prospectus completed the initial web-site revamp for Windswept Sales and Service  Based in Mt. Pleasant SC, a suburb of Charleston, they provide custom logo, apparel, embroidery and specialty products to a large array of businesses.  We were able to completely upgrade their old web-site with a crisp new WordPress site complete with a new ‘dot-com’ URL.  The work was completed in less than a week using most of the graphics available from the old site.  Karen, the site’s proud new owner, is already trained in using the simple ‘posting’ platform in WordPress.  Originally the site had minimal exposure with Google (in fact is was hard to find if you knew the url).  It scored just a 13 on Hubspot’s website grader the new site immediately ranked at 53 on the web-site grader (how well does your site rank? Check it out  This rating should steadily increase with ‘fresh relevant content,’ new keywords and constant SEO work.  See our ‘What Google’s Panda algorithm means for your web-site‘  and what these site improvements will do for their Google page rankings.  If you have a stale web-site that needs an upgrade, please contact us and you can be a proud web-site owner too.