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Oct 222016

This page features a large engineering drawing that enlarges to three times its original size when hovering. Hovering your mouse over the ‘live mini site’ (right) displays a zoomed image inside the original image. Moving the mouse outside the image returns the image to the original size. This is a simple yet effective technique to use a massively large image on the web.

The original AutoCAD drawing is 7,200 px by 10,800 px and was plotted on 24-inch by 36-inch engineering sheets and a PDF file. The PDF file was 5.4 MB. The page was developed to distribute the information with a simple link to the page. Viewers can see the details of the image without having to burn 5.4 MB of data usage. The image was converted to a JPG format and reduced to one-third of original size. The image on the right is 683 px by 1,024 px. You can visit the page here. This is about the largest image we can use without forcing the viewer to scroll, especially on mobile devices. While hovering on the image, the image zooms 3 times larger revealing the details.

This examples shows how Prospectus LLC was able to provide access to a large-format AutoCAD drawing without having to distribute a huge file by email. This technique also protects their work from being easily downloaded. Post counters and tracking cookies keep track of how many time the page was viewed and the location of the IP address of the viewer. This techniques can be very effective for professionals like builders, architects, surveyors and engineers to display details of their work while protecting it from being downloaded.
‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active

Sep 302016

Here is another landing page correlating with a press release in Charleston’s Post & Courier featuring our client, Insulsteel. The story will be featured in Saturday’s (Oct. 1, 2016) Real Estate supplement announcing that Insulsteel was awarded “2016 Housing Innovation Award” from the US Department of Energy. Using their patented EcoShell technology, Insulsteel builds fortress like homes that have annual energy bills of just $150 to $300! Read the story (right) to learn more.

Prospectus published the story on Thursday to give the search engines ample time to index the content and keywords. By publishing before the Post & Courier publishes their on-line edition, from an SEO perspective, Insulsteel will own the content. (Learn more about the importance of ‘the first to publish’ at: Understanding SE Indexing to Maximize Advertising Reach and Insulsteel Advertising Landing Page.)

Our client has a unique dilemma: they are transitioning through both a name change and a new website URL. The company’s original name was Amerisips (( and the new company is Insulsteel ( As these site show, the companies are legally entwined however the websites are not. Prospectus provided a lot of the website development work for the original Amerisips site. The Insulsteel site was primarily developed by an in-house marketing director who has since been replaced. The Insulsteell site is in the process of a badly needed facelift by the new marketing director Brandi Bowen. Knowing her skills and seeing a peek at what she is developing, the new site will be awesome.

Our dilemma is that all of the great content is published on the Amerisips site. The Insulsteel site is almost completely devoid of useful content. As the successor site, Insulsteel will republish most of the content from the Amerisips site. However, the facelift and content republishing will take several months to complete. In the meantime they continue to have great press as they win awards and build incredible new homes.

Our goal is to guide the visitors to the meaningful content that is already published on the Insulsteel site. The ‘left sidebar text’ is designed to provide links to useful content. This is a clever way to publish the content while making the landing page something more than just a re-posting of the same article they have (presumably) already read. The articles’ footer will display the landing page URL so the visitors to the landing page will have typed the URL into their browser. Tracking cookies will give us an exact count of visitors that initiated their time on the website from the landing page.

Anyone using print advertising and press releases can make use of specialized landing pages to extend their advertising reach. You just need to get ahead of the print publisher’s on-line editions to gain the SEO ownership of the content. It will also help readers who use search engines to find the the content vs. typing the URL into their browser bar.

You can visit the landing page here and learn more about Insulsteel’s amazing products.
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Sep 192016

Here is a landing page to correlate with advertising our client, Insulsteel, is running in the Charleston Home & Design Magazine in the upcoming issue. The landing page recreate the print ad and welcomes the viewer to the website. By publishing the content on their website before the ad runs the search engines will have time to index the content and keywords. This is the most effective way to maximize the exposure of the ‘message’ getting both the print ad, on the advertising publisher’s ‘on line’ magazine edition and on the Insulsteel website. To avoid a Google penalty for duplicate content it is important that Insulsteel is the first to publish the content.

The ad’s footer will display the landing page URL allowing us to determine how many people took the time to read the ad and use their browser to seek more information. Using specialized tracking cookies we can actually pinpoint the IP address of visitors to the landing page. We can also track their flow through the website. Cookies help show the pages that receive the most attention. They also tell us how long visitors spend on each page – giving us a rough measure of how much of the page was read. And where they went next.

Combining print advertising with specialized landing pages shows the forward thinking of the Insulsteel team.

Tracking cookies are installed on every site we create allowing our clients to better understand how visitors are using their website.

You can visit the landing page here and learn more about Insulsteel’s amazing products.
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Sep 142016

New video landing page developed for Amelia Massage Associates uses a published YouTube video creating a stunning and tranquil backdrop to a fairly simple page. The landing page published in early August will be used to display their services and prices.

When the new website was launched, their URL was also changed (from to and their Google ranking dropped from first place to about third place. Bing had them in fourth place. The ‘services’ landing page was very search engine friendly and helped to regain some of their ranking. A few weeks after the change, we saw their search engine ranking starting to rebound. Rank will always change while search engines index the new site and track the traffic statistic to the new site.

Snapshot of the Video Landing Page
Click to Enlarge
Video Landing page for Amelia Massage Associates
The rebounding rank provided an opportunity to ‘soften’ the landing page. Having done its job, the search engine friendly page will be repurposed – continuing to work as a menu item.

You can visit the live site here.Their are additional improvements underway … stay tuned for more details.
‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active

Aug 122016

Amelia Massage Associates was completed in late July and published in early August. We helped Michael & Nancy secure a new inexpensive VPS hosting platform. Their old site ‘’ was redirected to the new site.

‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active

The giraffe is central to their theme ‘We do necks’ and incorporated into their logo. We developed a new high-quality logo to match their new site. The page background is a heard of giraffe running across the sandy desert. The light beige background define the new color scheme for the site. The site plays with levels of opacity. Nancy wanted to have their menu of services displayed on the site. We suggested it could make an excellent landing page (aka Home page). To keep the text form being too boring, we created partially transparent, colored boxes to enclose and group the text describing their services.

Snapshot of the Home/Landing Page

Amelia Massage Associates home page
In 2015 they were honored to receive the Reader’s Choice, ‘Best of the Best’ massage associates from Amelia’s Newsleader. We just learned they were also selected to receive the 2016 award too. Congrats!

Aug 312015

This home page features a full screen background slideshow behind icons floating in semitransparent boxes. Each of the six boxes are menu items that lead to primary pages. Hovering over each box loads a description of the menu item. Moving your mouse over the ‘live mini site’ (right) displays the ‘hover description’ effect with the text overlay following the direction of the mouse movement. Access to the six primary pages is repeated in the traditional horizontal menu displayed at the top. This is a simple yet effective technique to create a home page that is, in essence, a full page menu with a colorful background slideshow.

The box backgrounds use a solid ‘white’ background with a 25% opacity to make them distinguishable and semitransparent. When hovering the background changes from a semitransparent white background to a dark grey background with 20% transparency (80% opaque) with the description content in 100% opaque white. We experimented with different levels of transparency & opacity before settling on the 25% & 80% values. You can visit the site here.

Prospectus LLC designs planned communities in the North Florida and South Georgia area. The designs are developed with AutoCAD, the leading computer aided design program in use today. The skill sets used to design a low impact community with AutoCAD are very similar to the skills needed to develop a website. Both rely on lots of creativity and a complete understanding of the technology to allow that creativity to shine. Understanding AutoCAD gives us a unique perspective to develop websites for professionals like builders, architects, surveyors and engineers.
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Jul 292015

Prospectus developed this new animated landing page for the Rock and Roll Paradise website. The landing page leads to the home page that offers a mosaic of deceased rock & roll stars … rock stars now in paradise. The site is a tribute to the many rockers who are no longer here but whose music will never be forgotten.

This was a fun project using a large animated gif to create the special effect. The images are seen behind a black screen with the site name cut out. After experimenting with several speeds, we set the images to play as fast as possible. We also tried this as an mpg file but the file size grew too large. With an gif image size of 800px by 700px we were able to get the file size down to under 1,000 KB (997 KB). The number of R&R stars also had to be kept relatively small. We found the effect was more dramatic by alternating between black & white and color images. The image is set as a background image and the display size has bet set to ‘cover’ making it span any device.

Snapshot of the Animated gif on the Landing Page
Hover to enlarge

Rock & Roll Paradise Landing page
The actual page is displayed on the right. The only other elements on the landing page are an entry button into the website, a YouTube channel link and the footer. We overlaid a large transparent png file to make the entire image a hot link into the website. Beside the dramatic visual ‘welcoming,’ the landing page is designed to distinguish traffic flow thought the website. Tracking cookies tell us how many visitors to the landing page actually entered into the site. You can visit the landing page here or visit the home page here that features a mosaic of Rock & Roll stars. The website has a bio page for each rock star that are accessed from the home page mosaic. Given the rate of recent passing, this site is a herculean effort to keep current.

‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active

Nov 062014

Here is an “advertising landing page” to correlate with advertising our client is running in the Charleston Home & Design Magazine. (You can visit the landing page here). This ad is focused on the US Department of Energy “Housing Innovation Award” to Amerisips for their home designed to have an annual energy bill of just $312! The ad’s footer will display the landing page URL allowing us to determine how many people took the time to read the ad and use their browser to seek more information.

We install tracking cookies on every site we create providing our client’s a detailed analysis about how visitors are using their website.

Combining print advertising with specialized landing pages shows the forward thinking of the Amerisips team. Ensuring that the advertising content is posted on their website before the ad runs provides the search engines time to index the keywords and content. It also helps avoid a Google penalty for duplicate content. The first site to publish is typically marked as the content owner. If the advertiser includes the content in their ‘on-line’ edition of the print publication, it will be indexed after Amerisips’s site is indexed.

The Future of Housing…Today

DoE Winning Home Cover

HIA Zero Home Winner Logo 2014_v2DoE-Housing-Inovation-Award-Winner-badge

Top 1% of U.S. Builders
U.S. Department of Energy DOE
“Housing Innovation Award”
National Winner
Custom Home Category
Estimated Energy Cost: $312 annually

Our Zero Energy Ready Homes offer a cost-effective, high performance package of energy savings, comfort, health, and durability unparalleled in today’s marketplace. Only a select group of the top builders in the country meet the extraordinary levels of excellence and quality specified by U.S. Department of Energy guidelines. Our winning home is the first certified Zero Energy Ready Home in South Carolina.

Experience Free Energy Living Everyday!

Young couple enjoying healthy interior environment in an AmeriSIPs home

Lives Better.


Every DOE Zero Energy Ready Home has a comprehensive package of measures to minimize dangerous pollutants, provide continuous fresh air, and effectively filter the air you breathe.

Superior insulation, windows, air sealing and space conditioning systems included in every DOE Zero Energy Ready Home surround you with even temperatures, low-humidity, and quiet in every room on very floor.

Woman adjusts thermostat in super insulated AmeriSIPs home

Works Better.


Every DOE Zero Energy Ready Home begins with solid building science specified by ENERGY STAR for Homes, and then adds advanced technologies and practices from DOE’s world-class research program, Building America.

Compared to a typical home, an ultra efficient Zero Energy Ready Home is inexpensive to own. In fact, every DOE Zero Energy Ready Home is so energy efficient, a small solar electric system can easily offset most, or all, of your annual energy consumption. We call this Zero Net-Energy Ready.

AmeriSIPs superior SIPs panels beat old style stick-frame construction

Lasts Better.

Advanced construction practices and technologies are specified for every DOE Zero Energy Ready Home. Then they are enforced by independent verifiers with detailed checklists and prescribed diagnostics.

The advanced levels of energy savings, comfort, health, durability, quality and future performance in every DOE Zero Energy Ready Home provide value that will stand the test of time, and will meet and exceed forthcoming code requirements.

Add your contact information above – learn how your new home will:
Live Better. Work Better. Last Better.

Amerisips superior construction

DoE Recognized “Top 1%” of US Builders
Right here in Charleston SC