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Jun 122013

June 6, 2013 Prospectus recently finished the initial website development for J. W. Shirtworks in Charleston SC. ( We secured the URL and created the first website for JW Shirtworks. They have offered silk-screening services for over 29-years to the Charleston South Carolina area. They also have a retail booth in the Charleston Marketplace where they retail colorful, custom graphic tee shirts. The website offers an on-line store to expand the sale of the tee shirts. Recently, they opened a division specializing in embroidery services rounding out the full range of professional apparel services. The website’s front-page features an on-line form to request customized apparel, which generated five inquires during the first week the site up.

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JW Shirtworks Home Page Screen ShotJW Shirtworks Home Page Screen Shot June 2013

This site was extensively redesigned in 2015 and the live mini-site on the right represents the new web-site design. The image above depicts the design of the site when originally launched in June 2013. The front landing page was a full page slider featuring their three primary services: embroidery (shown above), screen printing and custom graphic Tee-shirts. Once inside the site, three pages described each of the services.

If you could use a custom form for your business, use our contact us form to receive a no-obligation quote. If you are familiar with our iterative design process, you know there will be changes to this site – so bookmark us and check back often.

‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active