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Sep 192016

Here is a landing page to correlate with advertising our client, Insulsteel, is running in the Charleston Home & Design Magazine in the upcoming issue. The landing page recreate the print ad and welcomes the viewer to the website. By publishing the content on their website before the ad runs the search engines will have time to index the content and keywords. This is the most effective way to maximize the exposure of the ‘message’ getting both the print ad, on the advertising publisher’s ‘on line’ magazine edition and on the Insulsteel website. To avoid a Google penalty for duplicate content it is important that Insulsteel is the first to publish the content.

The ad’s footer will display the landing page URL allowing us to determine how many people took the time to read the ad and use their browser to seek more information. Using specialized tracking cookies we can actually pinpoint the IP address of visitors to the landing page. We can also track their flow through the website. Cookies help show the pages that receive the most attention. They also tell us how long visitors spend on each page – giving us a rough measure of how much of the page was read. And where they went next.

Combining print advertising with specialized landing pages shows the forward thinking of the Insulsteel team.

Tracking cookies are installed on every site we create allowing our clients to better understand how visitors are using their website.

You can visit the landing page here and learn more about Insulsteel’s amazing products.
‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active