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Sep 142016

New video landing page developed for Amelia Massage Associates uses a published YouTube video creating a stunning and tranquil backdrop to a fairly simple page. The landing page published in early August will be used to display their services and prices.

When the new website was launched, their URL was also changed (from to and their Google ranking dropped from first place to about third place. Bing had them in fourth place. The ‘services’ landing page was very search engine friendly and helped to regain some of their ranking. A few weeks after the change, we saw their search engine ranking starting to rebound. Rank will always change while search engines index the new site and track the traffic statistic to the new site.

Snapshot of the Video Landing Page
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Video Landing page for Amelia Massage Associates
The rebounding rank provided an opportunity to ‘soften’ the landing page. Having done its job, the search engine friendly page will be repurposed – continuing to work as a menu item.

You can visit the live site here.Their are additional improvements underway … stay tuned for more details.
‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active