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Aug 242016

New Landing/Home Page for WindsweptSales went live on August 23, 2016. Windswept sells promotional products in the Charleston SC area. The new landing page offers a better focus on what they really do. The header slider displays some of the key promotional products clients want: shirts, coffee cups, hats, caps, koosies, etc. The new page also gets all of the key information on the home page. It essentially combines the ‘About us’ page and the ‘Contact us’ page into a more simplified page. The new menu takes advantage of the WordPress ‘posting system’ making it easy for Karen to place new promotional examples on the relevant page by just selecting the correct category. We achieved our real goal of simplifying the how our client can easily update their website.
Snapshot of the Home/Landing Page
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Windsweptsales New Home Page 2016-08-24
As with all of our sites, the site is completely responsive and will display correctly on any device. You can see the site here. Their are additional improvements underway … stay tuned for more details.
‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active

Aug 152016

New website for EB Morris GC (General Contractors) went live on August 15, 2016. The site features a slider of high quality image of some of their work. Their work is impressive! EB Morris GC specializes in commercial projects and home remodeling. They have established a reputation for Condo conversions in south and central Florida. Checkout their Facebook page for stunning photos of recent work.
Snapshot of the Home Page

EB Morris GC Home Page
Like so many of our customers, their old website was not user friendly. Requesting changes, even simple changes like a new address, seemed to take many requests to achieve. They were always accompanied by a invoice. The new site is built with WordPress and can be easily changed.

Their are additional improvements underway … the website will be central to a new marketing effort. Sty tuned for more details.
‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active

Aug 122016

Amelia Massage Associates was completed in late July and published in early August. We helped Michael & Nancy secure a new inexpensive VPS hosting platform. Their old site ‘’ was redirected to the new site.

‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active

The giraffe is central to their theme ‘We do necks’ and incorporated into their logo. We developed a new high-quality logo to match their new site. The page background is a heard of giraffe running across the sandy desert. The light beige background define the new color scheme for the site. The site plays with levels of opacity. Nancy wanted to have their menu of services displayed on the site. We suggested it could make an excellent landing page (aka Home page). To keep the text form being too boring, we created partially transparent, colored boxes to enclose and group the text describing their services.

Snapshot of the Home/Landing Page

Amelia Massage Associates home page
In 2015 they were honored to receive the Reader’s Choice, ‘Best of the Best’ massage associates from Amelia’s Newsleader. We just learned they were also selected to receive the 2016 award too. Congrats!