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Oct 222016

This page features a large engineering drawing that enlarges to three times its original size when hovering. Hovering your mouse over the ‘live mini site’ (right) displays a zoomed image inside the original image. Moving the mouse outside the image returns the image to the original size. This is a simple yet effective technique to use a massively large image on the web.

The original AutoCAD drawing is 7,200 px by 10,800 px and was plotted on 24-inch by 36-inch engineering sheets and a PDF file. The PDF file was 5.4 MB. The page was developed to distribute the information with a simple link to the page. Viewers can see the details of the image without having to burn 5.4 MB of data usage. The image was converted to a JPG format and reduced to one-third of original size. The image on the right is 683 px by 1,024 px. You can visit the page here. This is about the largest image we can use without forcing the viewer to scroll, especially on mobile devices. While hovering on the image, the image zooms 3 times larger revealing the details.

This examples shows how Prospectus LLC was able to provide access to a large-format AutoCAD drawing without having to distribute a huge file by email. This technique also protects their work from being easily downloaded. Post counters and tracking cookies keep track of how many time the page was viewed and the location of the IP address of the viewer. This techniques can be very effective for professionals like builders, architects, surveyors and engineers to display details of their work while protecting it from being downloaded.
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Aug 152016

New website for EB Morris GC (General Contractors) went live on August 15, 2016. The site features a slider of high quality image of some of their work. Their work is impressive! EB Morris GC specializes in commercial projects and home remodeling. They have established a reputation for Condo conversions in south and central Florida. Checkout their Facebook page for stunning photos of recent work.
Snapshot of the Home Page

EB Morris GC Home Page
Like so many of our customers, their old website was not user friendly. Requesting changes, even simple changes like a new address, seemed to take many requests to achieve. They were always accompanied by a invoice. The new site is built with WordPress and can be easily changed.

Their are additional improvements underway … the website will be central to a new marketing effort. Sty tuned for more details.
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Aug 032016

July & August saw a migration of the Walls Evolve ( website to a new VPS hosting account. During the transition, there were several updates to the site. The site has continued to gain traffic and the VPS hosting will make it more responsive.

New ads were developed to promote the site’s ability to create perfectly sized Facebook headers, Google + headers and Twitter headers. Visitors can cut the headers from any image on the site. There are thousands of high quality images on the Walls Evolve site to choose from.

Most of our posts have a ‘live mini site’ of the website to see a live demonstration. Special code in both websites prevent using iframes to display the live site. If you would like to see either site just click on their images.

Snapshot of the Wallsev Home Page
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Walls Evolve ( Home Page

We also moved her sister site, Wallsmax to the same VPS account. When our client acquired WallsEv website in the Fall of 2014 it was developed with another theme. We tried several wallpaper themes before settling on the theme seen here. We developed new WallsMax website to test the different themes. Once the testing was complete we transferred the theme to the active WallsEv site. We left the WallsMax site alone and concentrated our efforts on the highly rated WallsEv site. Fast forward a couple years, Wallsmax has continued to gain traffic. Wallsev has an Alexa rank under 1 million at 979,423. While not nearly as well rated, WallsMax has an Alexa rating of 5,606,000.

This is a sufficient rank to leave the site active, let her continue to gain and then offer her in the website marketplace.

Snapshot of the Wallsmax Home Page
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Wallsmax Home Page Screen Shot

Aug 312015

This home page features a full screen background slideshow behind icons floating in semitransparent boxes. Each of the six boxes are menu items that lead to primary pages. Hovering over each box loads a description of the menu item. Moving your mouse over the ‘live mini site’ (right) displays the ‘hover description’ effect with the text overlay following the direction of the mouse movement. Access to the six primary pages is repeated in the traditional horizontal menu displayed at the top. This is a simple yet effective technique to create a home page that is, in essence, a full page menu with a colorful background slideshow.

The box backgrounds use a solid ‘white’ background with a 25% opacity to make them distinguishable and semitransparent. When hovering the background changes from a semitransparent white background to a dark grey background with 20% transparency (80% opaque) with the description content in 100% opaque white. We experimented with different levels of transparency & opacity before settling on the 25% & 80% values. You can visit the site here.

Prospectus LLC designs planned communities in the North Florida and South Georgia area. The designs are developed with AutoCAD, the leading computer aided design program in use today. The skill sets used to design a low impact community with AutoCAD are very similar to the skills needed to develop a website. Both rely on lots of creativity and a complete understanding of the technology to allow that creativity to shine. Understanding AutoCAD gives us a unique perspective to develop websites for professionals like builders, architects, surveyors and engineers.
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Aug 102015

As the ‘live mini site’ on the right displays, this is a ‘membership page’ showing a photo of each member of the EABC Network. The European American Business Club, or EABC Network, is a business club based in Amelia Island, Florida.

When you hover over the member’s photo, the contact information overlays the image (try it your cursor is active). This is an interesting way to display a lot of information in a compact space. The contact information overlaying the photo is straight HTML with hot links. For example, clicking on the ‘company link’ will open that page in a new tab on your browser. Clicking on the email address will bring up your email client with the recipients address already embedded. All of this is designed to facilitate member communications. The backend of the page is WordPress and maintaining and updating the information can be performed by a novice. You can visit the landing page here and see how the page performs.

If you have club or group this is an easy format to display the membership and the membership information. The animated information overlays add some additional interest to the page. There is a lot more flexibility in page formatting than displayed here. On this site the images were presented in a ‘square’ format however, we could have used a rectangular format which would allow the display of more information on the overlay. The page is fully responsive and the number of member photos will change based on the browser width. It displays well on a wide screen computer, a tablet or smart phone.
‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active