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Feb 192013

January 12, 2013 Prospectus completes the redesign for the Cat Inn Around website. CatInnAround is about the exploits of the 48-foot catamaran Cat Inn Around. The site uses a unique ‘sliding header navigation’ to access the first of five main pages. As the user hovers over the header image the sections slide – expand, clicking them opens the page. The image on the right is a fully functional miniaturized site, when hovering your mouse to see the sliding header. Notice the rotating background images. The site is on the “Ship’s Log” page (Home Page), if you scroll down to the site’s first post, Cat Inn Around Intro Video, and click the play button you can watch an engaging video showing her running off the Florida Keys.
Snapshot of the CatInnAround Home Page
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Cat Inn Around Home Page with Header Navigation

Check out a full sized version of the site here.

Creative Techniques & Options

  • Header Navigation
  • Rotating Background Images
  • Coordinated Color Theme
  • Video Production
  • Logo Design

Mini ‘Live’ Site – your mouse is active