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Aug 162011

Tired of being “held hostage” by your web-designer?  Have a great product you would like to sell on-line but don’t want to pay exorbitant web-site development fees or monthly license fees?  We build custom crafted web-sites that you can easily maintain.  Built on the WordPress platform, all sites are as easy to maintain as “writing a story.”  The fact that Google likes the WordPress platform means your site is likely to rise in search-engine ranking, bringing a steady flow of customers to your site.  The site is an example of our on-line store. You can have an unlimited number of products, each of them ‘featured’ in the front page slider box.  Each product can have six individual photos (colors, front/back, close-ups, etc.) and two types of  ‘check out’ variations (size, color, quality/materials, etc.) and different shipping costs. The site has a lot of movement; the ‘slider box’ rotates through all the products and when the viewer clicks on a product, it moves to the ‘slider box’ and rotates through the six product photos. (see for yourself  If you have an idea that you think will sell on-line, contact us and see how affordable our on-line store can be.