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Aug 102015

As the ‘live mini site’ on the right displays, this is a ‘membership page’ showing a photo of each member of the EABC Network. The European American Business Club, or EABC Network, is a business club based in Amelia Island, Florida.

When you hover over the member’s photo, the contact information overlays the image (try it your cursor is active). This is an interesting way to display a lot of information in a compact space. The contact information overlaying the photo is straight HTML with hot links. For example, clicking on the ‘company link’ will open that page in a new tab on your browser. Clicking on the email address will bring up your email client with the recipients address already embedded. All of this is designed to facilitate member communications. The backend of the page is WordPress and maintaining and updating the information can be performed by a novice. You can visit the landing page here and see how the page performs.

If you have club or group this is an easy format to display the membership and the membership information. The animated information overlays add some additional interest to the page. There is a lot more flexibility in page formatting than displayed here. On this site the images were presented in a ‘square’ format however, we could have used a rectangular format which would allow the display of more information on the overlay. The page is fully responsive and the number of member photos will change based on the browser width. It displays well on a wide screen computer, a tablet or smart phone.
‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active