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Mar 242015

American Travelers Club is one of our most recent sites, launched in March 2015 featuring Authentic European Vacations. The web-site has a vast amount of information about the specialized tours it offers to Europe. To reduce page clutter the details for each of the tour days are available by clicking on the ‘day button’ which expands to reveal the description. When you select one of the tours, the rotating header and the sidebars change to display specifics for that tour. For example, select the Rome to Amalfi tour and a list of recommended restaurants appears in the sidebar. Navigation has been enhanced with a floating menu (similar to this site on the left) to help navigate around the site. The eCommerce store takes deposits for the tours allowing the purchaser to reserve their seat on the small intimate tours. With just 14 seats available, paying the deposit insures fairness.

The development time for this project has spanned more than a year with three dedicated professionals. Work continues as additional European tour are added and with a proposed expansion into the Caribbean islands.
‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active