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Aug 032015

Our client JW Shirtworks ( needed to streamline the processing of orders for apparel from their customer Wild Wing Cafe. They were receiving frequent faxes and were having issues keeping track of the orders. We offered a solution: create a webpage with a custom order form. We started the development of the site in the Spring of 2015. Each of the Wild Wing Cafe stores can access the password protected page and place orders for embroidered or screen printed shirts. The orders are emailed to the store, the store manager and to JW Shirtworks for processing. Each store manager can access the ‘on-line receipt’ that summarizes their order. All the invoicing is done outside of the eStore we created.

The actual webpage is password protected; this is a ‘recreation’ of the site. Due to the sensitivity of the pricing information, the prices in the recreated site all the same $29.99. The mini-site (right) gives you an idea how the page works. Be sure and hover over the images of the ‘graphics’ to see how the enlargement detail works. You can also add items to the cart (however your order will not be processed!) As a recreated page many of the eStore functions have been disabled. There are several items with several sizes available – the page will seem to scroll forever. You can access the recreated site here.

Our client has been pleased with page and order processing has been more streamlined. In addition to receiving emails of the orders, the backend dashboard displays a summary of all orders – providing the solution they were originally seeking.
‘Live’ Mini Site – Cursor is Active