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EABC Presentation Outline

Five Sections to Presentation

  1. Search Engine Algorithm changes
  2. Web design trends
  3. EABC New Website Development Notes
  4. Launch the new EABC Website
  5. Questions & Answers

1) Search Engine Algorithm changes

Do you know what Mobilegeddon is?

• April 22, 2015 Google Major Algorithm change called Mobilegeddon
2014 Mobile Traffic exceeded Desktop/Laptop Traffic
Websites that are not mobile ready are not shown in queries
How do you know?
a) Google Mobile Test test your site here
The old Site Failed (Link no-longer works after new site activation)
The new Site Passes
b) Webmaster Account (now Search Console)

How Google communicates with you

This is what a webmaster account look like here
Here Google tells me this site is not mobile ready – here.
These 2 links only work when Prospectus is logged-in

• Major Algorithm Changes every few days Review history summary

• What is the significance?
If your website has not been updated in the last 3-years, it is dying a slow web-death.
If you did not hire a ‘professional’ or made your own website, your site is failing.
Full-time webmasters barely keep-up with weekly algorithm changes, a novice can’t.
Maintaining a website has become ‘complicated.’

Why you need a great website

• You have 10-seconds to get attention
55% of Visitors Spend Fewer Than 15 Seconds (Hubspot 3/14/2014)
• Lots of competition
In 2014 the number of domains reached 271,000,000
See Registered Domain Names

984,000,000 Site on-line Right Now
See Current Sites On-line

• Do you rank? Where do you rank?
Check your website rank
average daily visitors plus avg pageviews over 90-days the
highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1.
Rank for
EABC Alexa Rank
You can see where site development started in April
Before then rank hovered over 20,000,000 – 21,000,000
• See EABC Member Sites Alexa Ranking
If your site is ranked over 17 to 20-million you are getting NO traffic
Several EABC Member sites are in that category

2) Web design trends

A trend is any form, style or technique that becomes popular among a considerable group, generally as a result of being perceived as novel in some way. Trends must not be mistaken for fads, the difference between them is that a trend evolves into a relatively permanent change, while a fad is driven by emotional excitement and thus more likely to disappear in time.

Web Design Trends

• Video backgrounds (w/o sound) to capture attention
• Gestures & hovering are the new clicks
• The pixel is dead

Wide variations in display size
iMac Retina, Smart Phones, Tablets & Widescreen Internet TVs
Can’t work in pixels and expect consistency
• The fold really is dead this time
Don’t know display size can’t know above the fold
• Animation is back
pack more information into less space
New CSS make animations easy to implement
• Users are quicker, websites are simplifying
• Social saturation and the rise of direct email

much higher percentage of people will see what you send them
• Components are the new frameworks

Where to see Design Trends

• Did you ever get Advertising Age?
Couldn’t wait to see what was new each month
• Today we have:
Webby Awards

• Picked out a few example site from the current winners
Google Ideas
Trail memories
Eye Heart World
YUFUKU Gallery
Pitchfork Bat for Lashes
Not new -from my top 10 list – scroll your mouse & watch
Guido Sgariglia

3) EABC New Website Development Notes

• Accepted the assignment to rebuild the site in April
• Message – from Board Meeting
‘European’ sounds exclusive
Not just Europeans – any nationality
Focus on ‘business’
Lots of different speakers

• HTML site vs. WordPress
HTML is manually coded
WordPress is database driven
Database entries are ‘rendered’ by the Browser based on CSS
Browsers (esp Safari & IE) render slightly different
Several people can work on the site simultaneously
Strength: Search Engine Optimization – SEO
WordPress sites typically outrank sites from other platforms
Matt Cutts (Google Sr Mgt) praises WordPress as SEO-friendly
WordPress serves 60.4% of CMS traffic & 22.7% of overall web

Develop a color scheme

• Typically we use the site’s logo
• Look at the current site
EABC old site Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 17.13.04
The site had a header block but not really a logo

• Created a ‘logo study’
• Finally a winner emerged

Develop a background to help branding

EABC EU USA Background tinted small
The website has 8 main pages and 6 sub-pages
All pages – except 2 – uses this background

Give the ‘Home Page’ some extra punch

Created this animated graphic
Rotating Earth Slow home page animated background

Review the old site

• Articles from the old site
Caroline made an article for EVERY event – 12 per year
Heavy lifting by Caroline – we just rearranged the deck chairs
Putting 3 articles across – quickly scroll thru a year
Can actually scan all the articles/years pretty quickly

4) Launch the new EABC Website

• Home Page
• Meet the members
• Videos
• Past Meeting & Events
• All Events
• 1015 Events
• 1014 Events
• 1013 Events
• 1012 Events
• 1011 Events
• About EABC
• Subscribe to Newsletter
• Contact us

• Landing
Newsletter subscription pop-up 11-seconds
Members will go directly to the home page
Landing page is for visitors & Google searches
‘Teaser page’

5) Questions & Answers

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